For growth-oriented women inspired to create a life with

greater clarity, ease and fulfillment.

Intentional Dreaming

With Victoria Allen

“The Mind is Always Dreaming – Awake or Asleep you are Dreaming.” 

Your Sleeping Dreams offer you practical riches and mystical messages.  Unconscious patterns and beliefs that cause stress, confusion and unhappiness come to light through Intentional Dreaming. Previously hidden answers to questions about your relationships, career, and your deepest heart’s desires come to light. 

Your Waking Dream is the landscape where you create your reality from both your unconscious and conscious mind. As you gain greater conscious awareness through Intentional Dreaming, you clear patterns and beliefs that cause you to suffer. You’ll gain clarity to recognize new choice points and open to unseen possibilities in all aspects of your life. 

I invite you to become an Intentional Dreamer of your life.

Learn to access, incubate, decode and gain the powerful wisdom that arises from dreaming.

Yes, even if you say you don’t dream!

“I’ve been shocked and gobsmacked by the depth of this work. It has proven true and invaluable, even though I have only begun to scratch the surface. So much has already been revealed and I’ve appreciated your guidance, patience and knowledge. I feel as though I’ve been in an initiation process that is telling me to slow down and listen to what can be found within me. I am grateful for the opportunity to study with you Victoria.”  – S.M.

This Intentional Dreaming course is for you if you are ready to stimulate change, strengthen your confidence, and open to your authentic wisdom. Your Dreams have the capacity to show you how to: 

  • Stop doubting your choices, get clear and trust yourself
  • Let go of  worn-out stories and redirect your energy
  • Shore up your energy and emotional resilience
  • Stand strong in your personal loyalty
  • Open your heart to greater connection and intimacy

We women are the dreamers, healers, and creators of life. We hold the innate wisdom and sacred duty to create a greater dream of love and connectedness, regardless of the landscape or our circumstances.

If our future world is to have greater peace and harmony, we women must not get lost from dreaming the dream. It’s our time to access our innermost truth ~ the wisdom of our body, the wise whispers of our intuition, and the expression of our voice.

It’s a time of remembrance, a time to wake up to give our gifts.

Meet Victoria Allen

Hi, I’m Victoria Allen, Tender of Dreams and Mentor of Minds.

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For over three decades I’ve helped women connect with their wise and powerful inner dreamer.

The result? Increased self-acceptance, self-respect and self-trust – the cornerstones that create a life with great love, clarity, ease and personal power.

Dreaming has been my most potent and steady spiritual pathway to open the love within me that is within all of us. I incorporate my education as a nurse practitioner, licensed psychotherapist, transformational coach, and yoga teacher in my work with women. I’ve gained my dreaming knowledge through my apprenticeship with don Miguel Ruiz, author of the Four Agreements and Mastery of Love.

I know what it takes to be an Intentional Dreamer!

I know what it takes to create a life where Love outshines Fear.

My teachings are based in spiritual, psychological and yogic philosophy. For over 30 years, I’ve led spiritual journeys around the world to mentor women to know and love themselves. These workshops in Mexico, Costa Rica, India, Peru and the U.S. help women ground in to the strength of their truth and love. They discover choice points and receive tools to dismantle old programming that causes them to feel disconnected from their authentic and empowered self.

It’s my joy and commitment to inspire and empower women to uncover the richness inside of them.

Could that be YOU?

Your life is a love affair with yourself.

How will you show up to Dream it?

This six-week Intentional Dreaming course is both on-line in your private portal and on-zoom calls once a week. It offers practical tools both for your sleeping and waking dream.

Sleeping Dream: If you don’t easily recall your sleeping dreams, I’ll show you how to call your dreams forth, decode them and activate their messages into your waking life. Your dreams will come! It happens ALL the time. Even with the most skeptical dreamers.

Waking Dream: I’ll guide you to greater perception and awareness of how you are dreaming your life. And how to shift beliefs and habits that cause needless suffering to ground into greater ease and peace. 

Intentional Dreaming will guide you to:

  • Create a dream practice to hear and decode the symbols that speak in your dreams. 
  • Shore up your personal energy and emotional resilience.
  • Get clear about your heart’s desires and how to grow them.
  • Ignite the power of your feminine essence that moves with flow and ease 
  • Access your sleeping dreams to guide you, support you and open you to greater self-awareness.


Intentional Dreaming is an On-Line 5 week course.

What You Will Receive

  • Weekly video dream teachings, meditations & awareness exercises dripped into your personal portal every Sunday
  • Mid-week email promptings to inspire your dreaming process
  • Specific dream assignments each week
  • Connection in our private Facebook group – ask questions, share dreams and support other dreamers 

I invite you to become an Intentional Dreamer

One Payment $290

Client Testimonials

“Victoria is a master life-changing coach for one-on-one transformation. Participating in this Dreaming Course has been incredibly rewarding and profoundly worthwhile (both time and resources wise.)  The online portal is easy to use and beautiful! Victoria’s wisdom teachings are rich and deep, yielding wonderful immediate insights and also long-term lasting transformative effects. I give this program my highest recommendation! Thank You, Victoria, you bring light to all of us lucky enough to work with you.”R.G.

“It was very rare for me to recall my dreams before I started dreaming with Victoria. That’s so not the case anymore! Through her teachings and insights, I have learned another language – the language of the dream time. I now know how to decode my dreams. I have been consistently blown away by what they have shown me about myself – my relationships, career path and deepest desires. By far, dreaming is now my most potent spiritual practice. It juices me up every time.  And, being a part of a larger collective of women committed to diving into their innermost truth feels so amazing.  Many of the dreamers are now my closest friends.”  V.S.

“Before I started Victoria’s Intentional Dreaming Course I rarely ever recalled my dreams or knew what they meant. Now, only a few weeks into the program, I am already recalling many of my dreams and have been learning to decode their meaning. The very first week of the course I had a very vivid healing dream related to a childhood trauma!  I never really processed this trauma and have lived most of my life with the emotions of the events buried. In my dream I was empowered to relive it with a different outcome. I was able to defend myself and use my voice in the dream in a way I hadn’t been able to as a child. I believe this dream was an important step in processing and healing for me and this experience showed me how powerful dreams can be! This course is set up in a format that is very easy to follow and learn from. If you are interested in getting deeper into the meaning and healing powers of your dreams I recommend you sign up for this course!”  P.W.

“Victoria’s Dreaming work has shifted my world view in a profound way. Seeing the ineffectiveness of my strategies–the way they dissipated my energy and time, the way they alienated me from others–made it possible to shed some cherished beliefs that had never worked.” ~ B. B.

“When I think about the dreaming process, I am amazed at what unfolds through the intricate untangling of details. It is never what it appears. Things that seem negative, dark or scary can actually represent the opposite. What shows up gives me a direct insight into what is present in my life right now. It is a personal neon sign ~ the fun part is decoding the message. And from my group experiences with dreaming, the message is often both dramatically direct and meaningful to me, and also surprisingly poignant for the other dreamers, as well. We dream for each other. It is intimate, deep, transformative work. Not to be missed!” ~ S.K.

“Being in Dream Pod has been a profoundly intimate experience. It has created a deeper connection to myself and brought me incredibly close to the amazing, brilliant and wonderful women in my pod.  We became mirrors for each other, sharing in growth, and learning from each others’ experiences – good and bad as well as  beautiful and ugly.  You simply can’t view the world through the same lens ever again. You will shift.  Victoria’s wisdom and guidance through the dream work are essential to understanding your inner world. You will be launched into a new reality that will help you find your unique expression of who you are in the world.” ~ T. M.

“Being a part of a collective dream group really clarifies my dream messages in a way that sharing them at the breakfast table or trying to discern their meaning by reading generic dream books does not. In collective dreaming, we dream with intent and receive potent messages from our dreamer self, as well as insights and support from our fellow dreamers. Truly, collective dreaming has provided me with a powerful framework for growth and transformation.” ~ W.P.

“It’s so cool to see the dream work start to take shape. Victoria you’re definitely on to something here that’s like an untapped goldmine within us. I went to bed with a dream intention and awoke with seemingly random snippets. I started to reach out for help from our dreamers facebook group and instead I went into my dream notes again. The answers started to come together. Its’ so amazing to know we have this power and answers within ourselves. I believed this before, but now I have an entirely different level of experience. It’s like I’ve had this knowing all along but didn’t know I had it. ” ~ L.N.

I invite you to become an Intentional Dreamer

One Payment $290

Victoria Allen