More PEACE—less chaos.

More EASE—less stress.

More LOVE—less fear


Welcome and I’m happy you’ve arrived.

I’m Victoria Allen, and for over 3 decades I’ve worked to empower people who are seeking relief from mental-emotional and spiritual suffering.

My life has long been a mission to help people heal and raise their consciousness.

I started my career as a nurse, and from there, have dedicated over three decades as a transformational wisdom teacher and psychotherapist. I’ve earned my Bachelors in Nursing and certification as an OB-GYN Nurse Practitioner, a Masters in Psychology with a license in Marriage and Family Therapy, and certification as a New Agreements Coach. I’m trained as a Svaroopa-style yoga teacher and steeped in DreamWork.

Along the way, I’ve discovered that some of our deepest openings into greater well-being come from our most painful experiences: for me, that’s included heartbreak, divorce, breast cancer, and recognizing and clearing the pain from my own faulty beliefs and habits. But through these challenges, I’ve gained the gifts that have brought me into a deeper heart and contentment. And, I’m here to share it with you.

You’re not alone. You’re not broken. You can leave suffering and awaken to greater happiness + deep contentment. (Even if you don’t think so right now.)

Take a look at all of the ways we can work together here, or simply get in touch with me. I can’t wait to hear from you. P.S: Here are a few other details about me and my work:

  • If I had it my way, we’d live in a world where Relationships 101 is taught in school.  Since we don’t, this is my work’s focus, supported by straightforward and compassionate methods.
  • My biggest goal in our work together is to create the space and support system you need to feel comfortable, open, and safe. I want to release you from needless suffering and open your ability to be a wiser, truer, and happier You.
  • I specialize in dream work, as dreams bring our unconscious to consciousness.
  • I’m based in Santa Barbara, California, and I work with my students via Zoom and phone.
  • Some of my work, the meditation circle and the spiritual retreats, is a joint creation with my partner Doug.
  • Our annual journeys to spiritual sites around the world continue to be a transformational experience. Students travel with us over and over again to deepen their connection to their inner wisdom.
  • I’ve studied intensely with Don Miguel Ruiz, the author of The Four Agreements, and served as a member of his Elder Council: his work is the foundation to my own which began in 1988. My studies with several renowned spiritual masters have deepened my own consciousness, and I bring a depth of yogic teachings into my work. Thank you Mark, Swami, Rama, Kathleen and Anand.
  • I answer all of the emails I get personally, and sincerely. If you reach out ~ I’ll reach back.
  • Learn more about working with me HERE