A Power Journey to Teotihuacán, Mexico

February 27 – March 4, 2025

A Personal Invitation to Dive into

the divine energies of this magically powerful earth vortex 

 for self-discovery, inner healing and spiritual awakening.   

Brimming with power, the ancient spiritual university of the Pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico, meets you in a profound way. Basking in this strong earth vortex of light stimulates an energetic upgrade and connects you with the depth of your heart and the mystical realms of spirit.

Teotihuacan is a beautiful example of the power of imagination, awareness, action, and love. These are the qualities that support you in upgrading your dreaming mind so that you dream a life based in love and happiness. 

If you are ready to challenge old beliefs, shift patterns that cause self-sabotage, and reconnect with the depth of love within you? 


This Transformational Experience!

We Invite You...

Join Us, Victoria and Tosh, as we welcome you Home to your Heart!

As we prepare to return on our annual journey to Teotihuacan, we are humbled to be your guides. We are grateful for the people who return with us again and again to deepen their awareness, heal, and awaken the light and love within. 

  The energetic upgrade that this journey offers supports you in clearing the mind of illusion to realize deeper self-respect, self-acceptance and self-trust. These aspects are foundational for our authentic self to guide our life. 

We will offer you in-depth awareness exercises, potent experiences, and practices to raise the state of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual life. 

Steeped in Toltec and Yogic teachings for over 35 years, we combine the wisdom of ancient truth, tools to dismantle mental distress and ways to connect to your deepest heart.  Committed to our own growth, we are in service to expand Love and Truth!


Imagine feeling rejuvenated with greater clarity, energy and ability to cultivate

a new dream of your life that offers you greater ease, freedom and love.  

“As a lifetime student of Teo, I return to this spiritual playground again and again. Each experience offers a new gift of awareness for me to implement into my relationship with myself and those I care about. In Teo, with Victoria and Doug as our guides, I always feel like I’m meeting life from my heart. Everything that is true, rises, and everything that is false, dissolves. It is like playing in a sandbox where I choose how to refine my actions and manifestations. A place to let go of what no longer serves me and to welcome unconditional love back into my way of life. Victoria and Doug are impeccable guides through this Golden City of light and love. You will be forever changed – for the better – after experiencing this incredible journey.

~ Ashani

If You’re Wondering Where You Are

You are in the ancient city of Teotihuacan which was built over 2000 years ago. The layout of the city is a model for transformation. This spiritual playground offers you an energetic upgrade and an enchantment with the mystical realms of spirit. This journey promises to heal, uplift and connect you with the brilliant light within you.

People return with us over and over again to tap in to the magic and depth of this great spiritual vortex. This life transforming journey will open your heart wider and loosen your mind at the same time. Expect to meet people who will live in your heart forever.

What You'll Experience On This Journey...

mandalacircleaztecmask  Begin your morning connecting with yourself through practices of yoga, breath, movement, meditation and  energetic processes that help you unwind and open. Your body and mind will love your attention.

aztecmask  After a delicious breakfast each day you’ll explore the pyramid grounds. You’ll experience the pyramids of the Moon and Sun processes, and dive into ancient feminine power in the Women’s Temple. In the classrooms on the Avenue of the Dead you’ll receive the the light and energy upgrade that raises the state of your life.

aztecmask Meditation and transmissions will bathe you in your inner light and the profound energy of Teo throughout the journey. 

aztecmask  At the end of the day, enjoy a delicious authentic Mexican feast,  and late afternoon time to rest, journal, and connect with fellow travelers.  

aztecmask  Evening connection time is a sweet variety of processes, meditation transmissions and fun. Expand your Love!


Save Save

What Is Included?

  • 5 night accommodations at the charming Dreaming House – double occupancy. A limited number of single rooms offered for an extra $400
  • Delicious authentic meals created by the Dreaming House chefs.
  • All group teachings and experiential processes.
  • Entry fees to the pyramids.
  • Ground transportation to and from the Mexico City airport – when you meet the arrival and departure times for group pick up.
  • If you request a special pick up time (not arriving for group pick up) the Dreaming House will arrange a private car for $60.

What Is Not Included?

  • Your round trip air flight to and from the Mexico City airport. (Please arrive no later than 4 pm on Thursday and plan to fly out after 2 pm, day of departure.
  • Misc items to include phone calls or souvenir shopping.
  • Massage or hot air balloon ride.
  • Beer or wine at the dreaming house.
  • Tips for staff (suggested $2.00 – $5.00 per day) US dollars okay.

Your Cost:

5 nights in Teotihuacan

$1540 USD per person for double occupancy

$1340 USD for returning students


$500 Non- Refundable Deposit to Hold Your Space

“My mind can’t wrap itself around what happened to me in Teotihuacan. All I know is that since that time, I’ve experienced being more patient with my kids and less reactionary. I’m not so hard on myself. You guys sure know how to have fun too.”

~ L.S.

Meet Your Guides


About Victoria Allen

Victoria is a conduit for spiritual awakening and a champion of women’s empowerment. Using the magic and mystery of sleeping dreams to uncover the unconscious, she supports the women she works with to upgrade their waking dream power.  Victoria is educated as a nurse practitioner, psychotherapist, and yoga teacher. Her style of teaching has a subtly, direct and loving way that encourages women to raise their self-respect, self-acceptance and self-trust; the foundation to courage and confidence. She inspires women to access their authentic voice and deepest gifts. Victoria is passionate about beauty, balance and truth.

Doug Allen

About Tosh

Tosh’s personal search for inner freedom led him on a journey to study many spiritual traditions and religions. As he began working directly with spiritual masters the answers unfolded within him. He’s developed an ability to cut through to simple truths and now shares what he has learned in a clear and concise way. His many decades of personal meditation practice, has taken him inside the intricate pathways of energy. As a healer, he navigates the higher planes of consciousness and connects these energies with the groups and individuals he works with.

The Pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico

Your $500 non-refundable deposit will reserve your space now.

Payable by check, credit card, Venmo, or Paypal

  An email with all the preparation details and what to bring will arrive in your inbox in November. 

Please note: Any cancellation will result in a total loss of the $500 deposit. Any cancellation received in writing by Jan 1, 2025, will result in loss of 50% of trip price. Any cancellation made between February 1 and the trip departure will result in total loss of funds. Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans.