Raise Your State Retreat

Join us for a rejuvenating retreat designed to deepen and expand you! 

Ojai, California July 11-14, 2024

Our Raise Your State Summer Retreat promises to:

Open you to greater awareness of how you are dreaming your life.

Offer you your next opening into the expanded states within you.

Give you tools to strengthen your personal will and spiritual practice. 

Elevate your dreaming ability to access your inner wisdom and intuition. 

Tap into your inner intimacy and supportive community.

Allow you to release stress in your body.

Relax into the beauty of nature.

Raising Your State is the pathway. Here’s where you will start...

Imagine waking up to the sounds of birds chirping outside the window of your beautifully appointed guest suite and wandering outside to sip on a cup of coffee or tea as the aromas of nature infuse you.

Experience your body’s delight as you stretch across your yoga mat and open your hips and heart through your yoga practice in a beautifully appointed yoga room.

Feel your heart expanding as you sit in dream circle with heart-centered dreamers to tap into the power of your inner wisdom.

Envision your taste buds dancing as you indulge in delicious, organic meals featuring the freshest fruits and vegetables.

Sense your radiance expanding as you connect with higher planes of consciousness that grow your soul. 

Deepen your capacity to access the compassionate intimacy with yourself. 

Savor the sensation of lounging in nature to include orchards with fruit trees, waterfalls, hiking trails, pool, spa and panoramic mountain views. 

If You’re Wondering Where You Are

You are at the Raise Your State Summer Retreat relaxing in a spacious, beautifully appointed farmhouse that sprawls over 5 acres nestled in the foothills of Ojai, California. This rejuvenating retreat is designed to connect you with the wisdom of your your inner Dreamer and relax you into the vast consciousness that lives within.  Retreat begins with a delicious dinner on Thursday night, followed by an opening circle and nighttime yoga nidra. Friday and Saturday will include invigorating yoga, dream circle, satsang, and mystical meditations with time to enjoy the pool and jacuzzi, take a hike or chill.  We will end with a Sunday morning brunch and complete by 12 noon. Choosing to retreat in this sacred space will empower you to soften, strengthen and nourish your soul.  

What Is Included:

dybullet  Restorative and Invigorating Yoga to release buried tension in the body, unwind mental stress and access your natural vitality.

dybullet  Sacred Dream Circle to tap into your inner wisdom,, intuition, and the ancient remembrance of your feminine nature.

dybullet  Satsang and mystical meditations to connect with the truth that lies within you.

dybullet  Medicine Buddha Circle for healing.

dybullet  Beautiful Accommodations & Delicious Organic Meals for 3 nights and 4 days.


Save Save

Our private Chef William offers an all fresh, organic, locally farmed  menu.

Breakfast is healthy and light, with luscious organic fruits, frittatas, fresh baked pastries, yogurt, nuts and aromatic coffee and teas.

You’ll lunch with Fresh Organic Salads with protein, soup and hearty breads or a delicious Mediterranean delight. 

Delicious dinners with salads and protein will round out your day…

Well, let’s add home baked scrumptious desserts that will give you a sense that a culinary angel is taking care of you.

“Something has really shifted in me since Ojai. Although I can’t put my finger on what it is, its a subtle shift that has relaxed me in ways I couldn’t before. The insecurity I felt is gone and I’m dealing with my life and relationship with more of me. It was super powerful to discover new ways of relating to myself. Victoria, your wisdom and guidance has forever woken me up to greater love for myself. Thank you Thank you.”  ~ M. R.

“The dreaming process amazes me. In dream circle, a powerful mystery unfolds through the intricate untangling of dream images. Often, what shows up gives me direct insight into what is present in my life right now. It is a personal neon sign. And from my group experiences with dreaming, the messages can be both dramatically direct and subtly meaningful. They are surprisingly poignant for the other dreamers as well. We dream for each other. It is intimate, deep, transformative work. Not to be missed!” ~ S.K.

“Ojai was a respite and renewal for me. I left that beautiful home feeling ready and equipped to bring more of me into my life. I saw where I had been hiding parts of myself that I had been judging harshly. Through your teachings of wholeness and the space of acceptance you hold Victoria, I was able to stop being so hard on myself. This has created a more open connection in relationship with my husband.” ~ C. J.

Here Are the Details

Date: Thursday July 11 – to Sunday the 14th

Time: Check in at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday. Check out at 12:00 p.m. on Sunday.

Cost per person $1270 for 3 nights lodging, delicious meals and teachings.

We will fill all spaces so there will be a few shared larger beds.


Lodging Available:

Serenity – King Bed for 2 and Daybed  for 1

Joy – King Bed for 2 and Daybed for 1

Gratitude – Queen for 2 and Daybed for 1

Rose – 3 Twins

Loft – 3 Twins and 3 Daybeds

The Location

Ojai is a magical vortex of energy.

Many spiritual masters have shared their teachings in this powerful hot spot of energy called Ojai.  The town is very small, fun to explore, and only a few blocks from our retreat home. You may want to arrive early on Thursday to explore Ojai, or even drive up the night before to tap into the peace and vibrant light the shines from the lush hillsides surrounding the town.

Women are the dreamers, healers and creators of life. We have an incredible ability to give rise to love regardless of the landscape or the circumstances. When women squash their free, wild, authentic, expressive nature, stress accumulates and unexpressed feelings become locked in the body. They lose their power to dream, they shut down their free feminine nature, and begin to identify with their inner male – their intellect.  If our future world is to have greater peace and harmony, we women must no longer avoid our innermost truth, the wisdom of our body and emotions, and the expression of our deepest gifts.

Victoria and Tosh as your Guides

We are committed to truth over illusion. Our intention is to open the space for inner connection and allow the heart to guide the process of raising our state. In sacred circle you’ll experience an infusion of your inner truth and a rejuvenation of your spirit. 

Us Teo hats

Victoria Allen

Victoria is a conduit for spiritual awakening and a champion of women’s empowerment. Using the magic and mystery of sleeping dreams to uncover the unconscious, she supports the women she works with to upgrade their waking dream power.  Victoria is educated as a nurse practitioner, psychotherapist, and yoga teacher. Her style of teaching has a subtly, direct and loving way that encourages women to raise their self-respect, self-acceptance and self-trust; the foundation to courage and confidence. She inspires women to access their authentic voice and deepest gifts. Victoria is passionate about beauty, balance and truth.


Tosh’s personal search for inner freedom led him on a journey to study many spiritual traditions and religions. As he began working directly with spiritual masters the answers unfolded within him. He’s developed an ability to cut through to simple truths and now shares what he has learned in a clear and concise way. His many decades of personal meditation practice, has taken him inside the intricate pathways of energy. As a healer, he navigates the higher planes of consciousness and connects these energies with the groups and individuals he works with.

“The first thing a Dreamer needs to know is that she is being dreamed. A dreamer knows she is a vital part of a great wholeness that empowers her as a creative being. When you really get that you are being dreamed, you are on your way to mastery, you fall in love with yourself and become a co-creator with life.”



Raise Your State Summer Retreat

Shared Accommodations

Deposit $600 on Pay pal here,


Venmo:  Victoria Allen @blisskisser



 Once you’ve signed up we will contact you to arrange the details of your accommodations.

Refund policy: If  cancelled by June 1, you’ll receive a 50% refund. After July 1 full payment is non-refundable.