If you are a women who is ready to gain the smart and sacred tools that will raise your relationship to a greater field of Love…

I invite you to join me and women like you for this powerful, informative and supportive group experience of Courageous Loving. 

You will learn to fertilize the rich ground of relationship where respect, trust, clear communication,  friendship and deep intimacy flourish.


Begins June 2023

This group meets two times a month on zoom for six months.

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Who is this in-depth transformational journey for?

You are a woman who feels like most of your life is working, and yet you hunger to feel engaged, connected and supported in your relationship.

Are any of these your experience?  You are…

  • Exhausted from doing too much  ~ You feel a bit resentful and want your partner’s greater support.
  • Trapped in an endless loop of the same arguments  ~ You are frustrated and maybe stopped talking and fighting.
  • Tired of him going away or getting angry when you try to connect ~ You are feeling  alone and lonely.
  • Thinking…”I don’t like who I’m becoming.” ~ You look in the mirror and know what you see isn’t you.
  • Sad that you are no longer excited to have sex ~ Sex isn’t so sexy anymore – its’ become a chore.


  • I’m ready to rekindle the open communication we once had ~ longing to reconnect.
  • I ache to relax and turn on~ wanting to feel  open and receptive.
  • I long for closeness ~ yearning to feel our hearts happy together.
  • I wish he would pay attention and listen to me ~ hungry to feel chosen again.


” I’m calling a divorce attorney to ask about the process.”


If any of these statements sound familiar, AND, you’re ready to finally do something differently to learn how to grow yourself in relationship so the relationship can shift to trust, respect, connection and support,  I invite you into Courageous Loving. 



Strengthen the foundational pillars of trust and respect that fortify a healthy relationship.

Eliminate the relationship toxins that destroy intimacy.

Grasp distinct differences in the ways men and women think, speak, process and act.

Uncover the unconscious system that keeps you and your partner in a loop of disconnection and discord.



Polish up your Love Lens to view your relationship through the eyes of your heart.

Cultivate the feminine language that dissipates tension and conflict.

Identify how your inner male may be derailing your man’s presence. (You want this!)

Learn clear ways to interact with your partner that reinforces connection.



Enhance the male/female polarity to ignite passion.

Employ energetic rituals that harmonizes the One soul that is called relationship.

Open to the power of your feminine energy to deepen the soul of your relationship.

Yin practices to unwind the tension of your inner male.


You may be asking: Why me? What about him? He does have things he needs to change! I’m here to tell you that You hold the transformational keys that can power up your relationship to greater connection.

That power within you is called Courageous Loving  – the elixir that grows the heart of relationship.

Relationship is in the domain of women ~ we innately nurture, connect and relate. When women commit to Courageous Loving they bring incredible transformational and healing energy to their relationships.

As a woman, your spirit is the way shower in relationship. As you hone in on the wisdom tools I have for you, you’ll move into an intuitive flow that effortlessly knows when to LEAD and when to FOLLOW, how to LISTEN and how to SPEAK, how to GIVE and how to RECEIVE. You’ll be amazed at how your intuitive flow shifts the dynamics of  your relationship to a soulful spiritual connection.

What I know is this . . .  ‘what we focus on grows’.  And, when relationships are in the background of a busy life, or when we slide into familiar patterns of disconnection, we don’t nourish the soul of our relationship. Instead the energy dissipates and we lose the connection we once had and the spiritual connection that is possible.

With modern day stressors, is there any wonder that divorce rates are between 40-50% for first marriages? I’ve been one of those statistics and I don’t want that for you or for me again. This is why I’ve dedicated my work to discover and create the potent tools that arise out of a Commitment to Courageous Loving.

As a women embraces her transformational power and learns true relationship smarts, she shifts the relationship dynamic to a greater field of Love; the rich ground where respect, trust, closeness, fun and true intimacy flourish.    


I invite you to join me and a tribe of soulful women who are committed to their growth and cultivating greater aliveness within their relationship. This will be a group process focused on growing relationships.

Courageous Loving begins June 2023.


 ~ Victoria Allen

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“Victoria’s Courageous Loving class taught me how to engage differently with my partner, specifically from a place of love and respect. In my understanding and new perspective of our dance, ultimately that helped us break some old patterns and brought us closer. We communicate better, we are more playful, I feel desired, and he feels empowered. All these things have brought new life and new love into my relationship. The biggest lesson for me at the end of this class was that in order to keep growing my relationship I have to tend to it, put it first, cultivate our dance, that keeps it rich and growing.” L.L.M. – Yoga teacher and Dressage trainer.

“I listened to my husband in ways I had not before—simply accepting what he chose to share. He started sharing more immediately and I felt how important I am to him. I realized I am probably the only one who really listens to him deeply and this felt sacred.” ~ R.K. ~ Child Psychologist

“I feel more connected to the juicy delight of partnership, polarity, love making, and intimacy. These are some of the most delicious gifts in life and I am embracing them more open-heartedly!” ~ W.P ~ Evolutionary Astrologist

“I feel I have a better understanding of the dance of relationship and the creature that my man is and how he operates. This has been really helpful! I’ve been finding the difference and balance between self-care and selfishness. And, I get it better now that for a relationship to be “successful”, there must be a constant return to love, commitment and forgiveness.” ~ A. L. ~ Writer

“After attending Courageous Loving, I noticed a difference in myself and my relationship immediately. I honestly feel like I have a new magical power! The improvements in myself and my partner are obvious and instant, and I am more aware than I have ever been. Thank you Victoria” ~ M.H. ~ Management Consultant


Through my journey to experience my true nature as love,  I’ve opened to allow a loving, loyal man into my life. Doug and I have been together for 18 years. We’ve been powerful mirrors for one another as we’ve moved through the trials that all relationships go through. We’ve taught each other how to bring love to the unhealed and unseen places. In our commitment to grow and evolve our consciousness, we’ve developed a strong ground of mutual respect and trust.  This has allowed us to merge into a dynamic relationship that sustains passionate intimacy and continued growth.

What I’d love all women to know is that we carry the innate power, in fact we are hard-wired for connection, relationship and healing. It is our nature that has the capacity to heal the injustice and inequality, within us, our relationships and our world.

If you choose to take this journey with me, I trust you to apply the tools and test them out in your relationship. I suspect you’ll be wowed by the power you truly have to create space for transformation.

Let’s do this!