3 Reasons To Stay the Same

“One isn’t necessarily born with courage, but is born with potential. Without courage we can’t practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind, true, merciful, generous or honest.”
Maya Angelou

It is a universal truth that at some point in life you will be called upon to be courageous.

You may play it safe for a good long time and avoid the discomfort of change, but eventually that call will come.

From deep within the depths of your being, your true authentic self will want your attention. It will remind you that you have dreams that you are not living, love that you are not feeling, and truth that you are not telling.

And you know that in order to answer that call, you’re going to need a whole steaming heap of courage.

Change on that level seems daunting, I know. The thought alone can induce a wave of clammy anxiety.

I personally let that call go to voicemail for many years.

You could do that too.

You could choose to ignore the call of your deepest desires and stay in the life that isn’t really working for you. And there would be advantages to that.

In fact, here are 3 Fantastic Reasons NOT to live a Courageous Life:


Ahhhhh, comfort. You can sit on your life like a nice comfy couch. It’s soft. It’s familiar. It holds the imprint of your backside. You’re close to the TV. The people who sit on it with you are predictable. You can look around and see all those memories of the past. You don’t have to risk the vulnerability of new relationships or new ways of being. There is discomfort and uncertainty in change. But you can always count on a couch.


Yes, Please.  There’s nothing like not leaving your safety zone to keep you from getting hurt. Keep that nice secure wall around you and no one can get too close. You get to stay self-sufficient, safe and independent. You don’t really need love, support, or interdependence with others. Best of all, you get to keep a tea cozy over your heart so that nobody can feel how warm it is. Who doesn’t love a tea cozy??


The great thing about maintaining control is that you don’t have to feel as many feelings. Doesn’t your intellect/rational mind feel better than opening to the vulnerability that letting go requires? You don’t have to risk asking intimate questions and possibly feeling rejected or hurt.  You already know everything because you made it up – with assumptions! Yes…Why Not avoid Intimacy and Stay Control??

So, you could do that. And even though I clearly laid those points out in a rather cheeky way, those are advantages. That’s exactly why so many people stay hunkered down in the familiar, even if their relationship, job or lifestyle is taking a slow nose-dive into nowhere.

Our Life is filled with Choice.


What I want you to know is that the courage lies in the choice. Once you decide to take the leap and answer your higher calling and live life with heart and meaning, the universe begins to work in your favor. You are not alone!

Once you make the first few courageous steps, the feeling of discomfort begins to transform into a feeling of power. This power then opens you up to all other powers, and propels you to write your new script. Dream a new Dream?

I support people in taking those first few magical steps. Helping people make choices in how they truly desire to dream their life is the call that I answered once upon a time.

If you’d like to book a call to find out how I can help you answer yours, you can schedule it by texting me at 805-455-4660 or send me an email at victoria@raiseyourstate.com.

I’d  love to support your unfolding journey to Raise Your State.

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