6 Glaring Signs of Distress

“You don’t have to live with whatever life throws you… or whatever you’ve gotten yourself into… you can choose to Change Your Story.”
~ Kirsten Leigh

How do you know when it is time to break out of personal limitations and situations that undermine your aliveness?

How do you know when it is necessary for your well-being to bury an old story and create a new one that raises your state – more freedom to be and express who you are?

Truth be told, many of us wrestle with this question. We don’t recognize when or how we trap ourselves in a too tight cage and our soul can’t soar. We drag ourselves through the hum drums, feeling anxious or unfulfilled, often immune to our own discontent.

Resigned that ‘this is as good as it gets’, we deny that we might be able to live in greater states where our mind is clearer and on purpose, where our energy feels vital and creative, where we stop tolerating people who carry a dimmer switch in their pocket by perpetuating drama and victim stance.

Whether conscious of it or not, we often opt to stay in our known existence, rather than risk venturing out into the unknown spaces and foreign emotions that change and growth provide. While this may be a safe and comfortable choice, it is limiting. You are limited to what you’ve been programmed to experience; safety and survival. Freedom, fulfillment and thriving are a faraway reality.

You are already engaged in growing beyond limitation or you wouldn’t be here receiving this Raise Your State email.  

Here is a little cheat sheet for you to discover if any of these 6 glaring signs of distress may be signaling you that it is time to breakout of a belief, habit, relationship or situation that is causing you needless suffering. 

  1. You feel overwhelmed, exhausted or not sleeping well as you ignore the inner voice that cautions you to ‘change it up’.
  2. You romanticize about the past or drift into the future to escape your present distressful situation. 
  3. Your relationships feel superficial or controlled and you are fed up with drama or tedious conversation.
  4. Your actions don’t align with your words, you know you are out of integrity and you feel bad that you aren’t keeping your word to yourself or others.
  5. You employ familiar numbing tactics (addictions) to get you through your day,  feeling a drag on your energy.
  6. You’ve become all too familiar with an internal judge that niggles at your self-esteem and you feel no freedom to be yourself.
If you recognize yourself in any of these signs of distress,
I’m here to challenge you today to Choose Courage as your Break Out Power!
David Hawkins writes in Power Vs Force, that there is  hierarchy of levels of consciousness. He explains that Courage is the Gateway, the first level of true strength. This is where you start to see life as challenging and exciting instead of overwhelming. You engage in personal growth and start to see your future as an improvement upon your past, rather than a continuation of the same.

Without Courage , no one breaks free of limitations.
Without Courage, you won’t open up to the great capacity inside of you.
Without Courage, you won’t tap into the larger world with all its possibilities.
Without Courage, you’ll accept discontent while knowing there could be more.  

Is it time to use your Break Out Power? 

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