What Will Your Soul be feasting on this Thanksgiving?

I remember sitting in the Pyramids of Teotihuacan when my teacher asked us three simple questions:

1. What does your soul need? 
2. What feeds it?
3. What grows it?

It was 1988, and I must admit I had not been entertaining soul life. I was too busy orchestrating my important ego life, feeling immense stress and a vague unhappiness.

On that day, I found myself on a soul journey, traveling with strangers, in a foreign land, with a teacher that could barely speak English. Embarking on this spiritual journey marked a huge turning point in my life.

Sitting on the hard stones in the third classroom of the pyramids, each of us guessed at answers to Miguel’s question, and we all missed the mark!

In his gentle sweet voice, Miguel simply said…LOVE!

At that point, I didn’t know about the simplicity of Love, nor did I know the how-to’s of feeding my soul. And yet…I felt I was ready to learn. I knew I needed to do life differently. During that journey I took a big leap of faith. I made an internal commitment to love myself to happiness. And, all my efforts have paid off!

Since that time, my life and my life’s work is about growing Love in all its forms; self-love, intimate love in relationships, impersonal love that pervades all life, divine love, the love of simple things and the love within difficult and challenging spaces.

Love permeates everything. The Raise Your State pathway points you in the direction of clearing the blocks to love and refining the subtle ways you embody and emanate it.

Doug and I feel deeply grateful to share this soul path with you. Whether you connect with us through the weekly newsletters, join us on a journey or workshop, or work privately to deepen into your soul life, we thank you for your trust.

We are grateful for the love that pervades this community of soul seekers ~ it feeds our soul.

We hope you have a very blessed Thanksgiving ~ feeding your soul with great friends, family, food and fun! 

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