Are You a Dream Master?

“The dreamtime, the creative matrix, does not exist in a place outside of us. Rather, it infuses all matter and energy, connecting every creature, every rock, every star, and every ray of light or bit of cosmic dust. The power to dream is the power to participate in creation itself.”    ~ Alberto Villoldo

In the words of my teacher, Miguel Ruiz, ” A Dream Master creates a Masterpiece of Life.”

I ask you, “If your life was a masterpiece, what would it look like, feel like, and be like?”

Imagine for a moment that your life is already a masterpiece. An evolution happening to you, for you and within you! You are here as a spiritual being having a human experience. To free up from needless suffering and awaken to Love and Truth. 

Whether you realize it or not, your mind is dreaming your world into being all the time. And you are in that creative matrix with the power to dream courageously and create an inner world by your design.

What might that be? Peace? Creativity? Vitality? Expansion? Enlightenment? Joy?

You can always change your outer world – a job, relationship or home, to temporarily uplift your life.

Or…if you want to expand your perception, attitude and experience of life, you can refine your interior landscape with consistent attention to raising your energetic frequency through your thoughts, words and actions.

If you are living a nightmare, and choose to claim your power to dream and craft a better reality, flex your courage muscles by making a commitment to yourself to Raise Your State consistently everyday.

You have the power to question your limiting beliefs, corral those habitual patterns of worry, guilt, confusion or apathy. Your efforts will amp up your dreaming power in every cell of your body and you’ll stop feeling disassociated, disconnected and dissatisfied.

If you don’t get beyond mere intellectual understanding of raising your state, you’ll end up in the same old dream. And, the masterpiece you are capable of dreaming will be a far away reality.

I challenge you to do ONE practice this week that increases your energy frequency. And then… add another practice next week, and the next and the next. These little increments make a difference.

Remember that Law of Energy:  What you focus on Grows!


~ Make a choice to be gentler with yourself.
~ Decide to forgive someone you’ve been resenting.
~ Fire your Should Master for one week – no more ‘shoulding’.
~ Chant on your way to work each day.
~ Do the magic four yoga postures nightly. YES I’ll send them!
~ Make NO assumptions about anything and instead ask questions.
~ Exchange expectations for appreciations.

~ Give time and attention into a relationship you want to deepen.
~ Go for that which creates an experience of pleasure for your body.
~ Sign up for a class that will stretch you beyond your comfort zone.

Or, if you are in a big funk and can’t seem to get out of it on your own, set up a session with me! We will jump start you by making a personal plan that works for you to increase your energy frequency so you can Dream more abundantly.

So, here is a little refresher from that brilliant Einstein guy:
You cannot change a pattern from the consciousness you were in at the time it was created.” 

In other words…to dream a more abundant experience of life, you must Raise Your State.

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Until Next Time

I invite you to join me to
Dream Into Creating A Masterpiece of Life.

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