Do you listen to the Whispers?

Before you get sick, your body will whisper about its fatigue.
Before you break up, your lover will whisper her requests.
Before your business goes bankrupt, your customers will whisper their complaints.
If you don’t listen to the whispers, you’ll be forced to listen  to the screams.”
~ Aubrey Marcus

We all listen to the whispers at times. We take those whispers to heart. We move in to internal silence, check in with awareness, and take action based on the impulses signaling us to pay attention.

Or, another choice we sometimes make is to hear the whispers, ignore them, deny them and hope they go away. We employ our coping strategies to avoid facing the inevitable action we must take to quiet the whispers.

This week, imagine raising your state by checking inside – do you hear subtle whispers attempting to hook your attention? Is it time for you to take a new action? Meet your life in a more expanded way? Change it up? Stand up or Speak up?

Life calls each of us, either through whispers or loud shouts, to break out of our limiting thoughts, our stuck identities, and the image we hold so tightly.

Life calls our soul to soar, our heart to be joyful and our capacity to make a difference in the world.

Life is whispering ~ Are you listening?

I’d love to hear about your whispers. I’m only an email away at
I’ll hear you and write you back.

I’ll be listening with you this week.

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