Renew Your Sanity and Your Soul

Imagine a renewal of  your Sanity and your Soul. 
What I know for sure is that when stress over-rides our system, we become lost from ourselves. Our true heart nature, where our inherent love and happiness reside, shuts down. We can’t find clarity, our spirit is lost to the humdrum, everyday challenges of life. Our relationships suffer, and We are Just Not Happy campers.

Are toxic stress hormones coursing through your veins?

~ Fear of not enough ________ frequent your thoughts.
~ You wake up with anxiety.
~ You have difficulty sleeping.
~ Anger or fleeing are frequent responses to your relationships.
~ You feed on the next ‘high’ to soothe your discomfort.
~ You are tired most of the time.
~ You shut down your expression and pull into yourself for safety.
~ You are addicted to screens.
~ Your body feels tight.
~ You can’t calm your mind.
~ Negativity runs your thoughts and communication.
~ You see the world through the eyes of ‘complaint’, rather than gratitude.

These are just a few of the symptoms that arise when stress hormones constantly pump through your system. And, from the amount of medicine sold in our world today for headaches, acid-reflux, high blood pressure, depression and anxiety, to name a few, you can surmise we are a culture addicted to stress.

Is there another way?  YES, I’d say so.
Yet,  this requires new priorities ~ mainly YOU!

It requires your awareness that you are surviving on stress, addicted to stress, and that every part of your being and your life is affected by the stress hormones feeding you.

It requires a withdrawal from stress addiction, and the creation of a new addiction to your Radical Self-Care! This is a commitment to getting used to the calm spaces, where mental unrest, drama, intensity and chaos are not present. A commitment to calming all bodies of your consciousness – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, so that your true state of happiness, love and contentment arise. The Ways and Tools to becoming addicted to the calm inner spaces are what Raise Your State offers.

If you’d like to jumpstart your system, flip your switch so to speak, we invite you to join us for renewal on our Feb 2020 Raise Your State Retreat – A transformational field to unwind the ways you loop around on the stress loop. An auspicious time to meet the brilliant Diamond in your heart.

Imagine a renewal of your Sanity and your Soul. 

Imagine bathing in the deep spaces that infuse you with an ability to bask in Calm rather than Stress more often. 

We welcome You, if you are sincerely ready to reconnect with the truth and heart within you.

~ If you’ve not experienced this transformational journey with us, consider gifting yourself with the heightened awareness and openings that arises in this sacred place and time together.

~ If you’ve experienced the power of Teotihuacan before, come on down for a reunion with yourself and the like-minded people who return with us again and again.

As you know, this is our favorite power spot on the globe to dive into the teachings to Raise Our State. (This will be our only retreat this year.)

We are sending out preparation instructions this weekend, so come on in!

Check out all  the details HERE

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