The 5 Givens

“Truth is rarely writ in ink; it lives in nature.” ~
Martin H. Fischer

Imagine your heart as a beautiful flower – open, shining its beauty and offering its fragrance of kindness, compassion and generosity into life. You are in full bloom – present in your true nature.

Now, consider that most people live in their head a good amount of the time. Thinking and Thinking – Needing to Know – Making Assumptions – Needing to Understand – Worried about the Future and Ruminating about the Past. This is the true nature of the unruly mind – addicted to thought and dampening the bloom in our heart.

It is our greatest work to master our untamed mind. The more we corral our addictive thoughts and limiting beliefs, the greater our heart will shine its happiness.

There are many ways to tame the unruly mind of its suffering, yet today’s Raise Your States message is to consider taking on the 5 Givens of Life.

1. Life is not always fair. (Get Over Your Little Self and Help Bring Forth Justice and Equality for All)

When we feel hurt or unfairly treated, our mind attempts to fight for fairness. It resists, rebels, and sometimes takes a victim stance, followed by attempts to get revenge. On the level of our humanity, life is not fair. Coming to terms with this truth helps us let go and move on from the personal affronts that affect us. And yet, at the same time we must do our best to stop abuse and support greater justice and equality for all of humanity.

Take on this truth: Life is not always fair! We can waste our energy in the negative state that resistance causes or we can put our energy where we can make a difference to lift up the injustices of the world 

2. Pain is a part of life. (Don’t suffer over your suffering.) 

No one escapes some degree of pain in life. We are all susceptible to physical pain, mental turmoil, emotional grief and spiritual disconnection. While no one consciously chooses pain, our ability to be with it and move through it, opens us to deeper awareness. Pain is an opening that breaks the constructs of our mind and moves us to deeper inner truths.

Take on this truth: Pain is a part of life. We can feel the pain and move through it without a big story about it. It is the story that causes the real suffering. 

3. The mystery does what it does. (Adjust your Ego’s agenda when the Universe prevails.)

If you are like most people, you’ve grown up dreaming a future life and putting your energy behind creating this life. You believe that your actions are taking you to the place you dreamed of. You identify with being the doer and forget that you are the vessel for the Doer.

At some point, everyone wakes up to the fact that life knocks us off course sometimes. It rattles us a bit or a lot, and this very chaos of disruption opens our eyes to greater awareness. When we are given these unplanned side trips, we are humbled and forced to surrender into the mystery behind our minds agenda.

Take on this truth: The mystery does what it does. Our soul life calls and it often has different plans for us. 

4. Everything changes. (Let go and Move On)

Think about it, has anything ever stayed the same? Change, growth and death are inherent in nature. Seeds bloom into fields of wild flowers, the child becomes an adolescent, and all relationships are born and die. Whether we reject or embrace it, change is of the essence of life; the one constant.

Take on this truth: Everything changes and ends. 

5. People are not loving and loyal all the time. (Forgive them anyway.)

We human creatures get messy. We may intend to be kind and express love and loyalty, yet the unconscious and dark side of human nature lives within everyone and on occasion shows its ugly head. Taking on the notion that people do their best according to their level of consciousness at the time, helps us swallow this bitter pill. Forgiveness is the way to free our mind and heart.

Take on this truth: People are not loving and loyal all the time. Forgive them to heal your heart.

If you choose to create greater happiness within,  I hope these universal truths will bloom your heart into greater forgiveness, compassion, kindness and generosity. 

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