Too Much + Too Much

“The best and safest thing is to keep a balance in your life, acknowledge the great powers around us and in us. If you can do that, and live that way, you are really a wise man.” Euripides 
Too Much This or Too Much That = Too Much

I’ve decided it comes down to this: when I’m cranky, dull, tired, overloaded and not feelin the Love…it’s time to reflect!

These alert signals tell me that I’m not operating on all cylinders and it’s time for me to pause and check in with me.

I peer in to three areas of my life that, when in balance, open me to my internal flow.
1. Chop Wood ~ Carry Water
2. Satisfaction
3. Pleasure


This is the Stuff of life. Those responsibilities of mine that are mine to take care of, my creations. Definition of Responsibility: Ability to respond.

Am I paying attention to my HOME, RELATIONSHIPS, WORK, MONEY, BODY and the RESPONSIBILITIES I’m committed to? What shape is my outer world in? Is it time to go grocery shopping, clean the house, spend time with my people, handle the bills or attend to my work?

When I’ve carved out time to CHOP WOOD CARRY WATER, my world is handled. I relax into my body, my mind is clearer and my internal flow is open. Big Breath ~ It feels super great to meet and respond to my creations.


I experience satisfaction when I’ve put my intention, attention and action into a creation or a goal. Generating my energy gives me an experience of fulfillment. It’s like planting a seed, watering it and experiencing the fragrance of the bloom. It’s a process that allows me to feel rewarded from my best efforts. 

What do you do that gives you satisfaction?

Me: I might clean my closet or drawers as I love how great if feels when everything is cleared and in its place. I create a class or retreat and do the steps necessary to make it happen. I write a blog article and move into my creative channel, not knowing where it is going to take me-yet it usually takes me to Me.

Do you know the uplifting feeling that comes through your satisfaction?


I see this as a hang out mode. Being open to play, interact, laugh, dance and enjoy the moments. Nothing to give, in order to get. It’s a receiving mode; receiving enjoyment. Pleasure opens up the bliss centers in our mind and body.

What do you to that is purely Pleasure?

Me: I chat with a friend on the phone, go to a movie or watch one of my favorite TV series, a sensual afternoon with my husband, a walk on the beach, a massage or lavender bath.

Do you know the bliss that arises from pure pleasure?

The next time you feel cranky, dull, overloaded and not feelin the Love, or any of your signs and symptoms that you are Going Down, check out your energy. Are you Chopping Wood and Carrying Water-attending to your life?  Are you doing anything that is truly satisfying? What about pleasure-can you relax into enjoyment?

This week, consider Doing what Goldilocks does >  Make it Just Right!


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