What do you know about intention?

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create.” 
 ~ Buddha
Happy New Year Raise Your Staters,

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a newsletter. I’ve taken some rejuvenation time after our Soul Powered apprentice initiation in Teotihuacan (the soul train blasted off for sure) to listen deeply to my body and the great Dreamer who shows wise counsel. I’m feeling strong to have adjusted and established a freer state inside of me – less push, more ease – less doing, more being – less of my mind’s crazy ideas and more of my soul’s inspiration. Taking a big pause works!

Our Soul train is traveling into 2018 with many Raise Your Staters who are committed to greater awareness, peace and love. I hope you’ll be on board with us and join us in our offerings for 2018. If Machu Picchu is on your bucket list, this year is for you!  If you are ready for aRejuvenating Retreat to connect you with the great depths within you, sign up for Mar De Jade soon. If you know Mentoring is Valuable, join me for a 6 week series of sessions to jumpstart your New Year. All this information is below. 

The New Year is traditionally marked as a time of renewal. A time to evaluate how we are dreaming our lives. We only need to peer into the mirror of our world to see how we are showing up by what is being reflected back to us.

Life is the mirror to our consciousness. Or, in other words…there is no one out there, everything comes from the internal projection screen of our mind. When we experience gratitude and beauty inside of us – we see that abundance and beauty everywhere. When our mind is filled with judgment or comparison – that too is reflected in how separate we feel from ourselves and others.

If you are ready to tweak your inner world to reflect greater peace, love, connection or abundance in your outer world, I’ve outlined below how to be mindful with your New Year Intentions.

Intention is the impulse that precedes all actions and colors everything you undertake. Intention is not a wish and not a resolution. It is a clear, fixed focus that engages your action behind it.

With intention, you make a decision ahead of time about `what you want to do and take deliberate action, rather than allowing passive reaction or hope to somehow fuel your desire. Have you ever noticed how hope can turn into hopelessness? 

Intention is different than wanting. Wanting transmits the energy of request, whereas to ‘intend’ transmits the energy of commitment and action. The act of wanting merely leaves you feeling the wanting of that something, whereas setting an intention to experience greater states of well-being energetically paves the way for its arrival.

Create intention to transform an old pattern

Think of intention as an act of power; it strengthens your will and your core integrity. With a strong will, you have the fortitude that takes you through obstacles you encounter on the way toward your goal. Developing your will strengthens your ability to engage discipline in many areas of your life. You’ll be able to tackle bigger goals and go through challenges with greater ease.

This exercise will empower your Will.

1. Declare one thing that you want to make manifest. Be clear and specific and MAKE IT DOABLE! No running marathons or losing 20 lbs in 20 days. Be concrete, as abstract goals don’t work. Your brain needs clear focus to be successful with any new habit.

Examples: (Abstract vs Concrete)  “I’m going to stop complaining about my partner”…versus “ I’m going to stalk my mind to notice each time I look at my partner with disapproval, and instead of spouting off, I’m going to replace it with one thing I’m grateful for about him or her.”
“I’m committed to shift my negative mind to my grateful heart” …versus “I’ll start my day and end my day with a gratitude practice by writing 3 things am and pm that I’m grateful for and I’ll do this every day for the whole month of January.”
”I’m going to manage my stress”…versus  “I will meditate 5 minutes every morning and evening for 2 weeks and then increase it to 20 minutes one time a day for the next month” Create concrete doable steps get you to your goal.

Imagine how great it feels to Win with yourself!

2. Imagination.  Close your eyes and breathe deeply as you notice your breath bringing relaxation to your body. Using all your senses, create a strong impression of your intention:Visualize your intention and infuse it with your heart. Who is with you, where are you? Feel into and expand the feeling you want to experience when your intention is your reality. Ground into the feeling that you have a ‘fresh start’. Whenever we feel like we can leave our old, lazy selves behind and create new life, we’re more motivated to make progress on our goals. Feel the excitement and energy. You’ll discover that you are a larger part of what is being created in your life than you might have imagined. Learning how to use your energy for power in your life is potent.

3. Add the Super Power of Gratitude to the feeling experience. Positive, constructive imagery and your gratitude behind it will fuel your imagination with increased energy. That wise guy Einstein says, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

4. Write down the small incremental actions you will take in the direction of your intention. By setting a specific intention and using energy behind it, you draw to you energy that is similar. Your intention touches that same energy vibration in the bigger field. You compound your intention.

5. Confide your intention and actions to three friends. Ask them to be supportive witnesses offering you positive feedback, as you stay focused on your intention. Positive feedback on any new habit increases the likelihood of your success.

6. LET GO OF YOUR VISION OF THE OUTCOME! This can be a dicey proposition for your mind. The desiring mind wants what it wants. Yet, the gifts, lessons and challenges your soul needs are often at odds with your desire. This action turns your self-effort over to trust a greater field that guides your soul. What is best for the soul may not be what your ego wants.

Everything unfolds in right timing. So do your part and then Let Go!

When your actions are congruent with your words, beliefs and intentions, you’ll feel your self-respect rise. This is how you connect with an experience of your soul living the love that you are. 

BIG NOTE HERE!  We often have unconscious blocks to our intentions. And, the biggest block is the story we have about ourselves. “I want a relationship… BUT I’m too ____________.’  ‘I’m ready to do what brings happiness to me… BUT what if _________?’  ‘I choose to Raise My State to greater ease and freedom…BUT it’s too much __________.’

Whatever story you tell yourself that supports your limited version of yourself will show up to counter your intentions. Be prepared to challenge your beliefs and tell yourself a new story that matches the state you want to experience. 

I invite you to join us to Raise Your State in 2018.

Let’s go back to Buddha’s words –
What you think, you become.  ~ What is that you want to become?
What you feel, you attract. ~ What is it you want to attract?
What you imagine, you create. ~ What is it you want to create? 

May you be blessed with your truest heart’s desires in 2018.
With Great Love

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