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What do you know about intention?

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”  ~ Buddha Happy New Year Raise Your Staters, It’s been awhile since I’ve written a newsletter. I’ve taken some rejuvenation time after our Soul Powered apprentice initiation in Teotihuacan (the soul train blasted off for sure) to listen deeply to my body and the great Dreamer who shows wise counsel. I’m feeling strong to have adjusted and established a freer state inside of me – less push, more ease – less doing, more being – less of my mind’s crazy ideas and more of my soul’s inspiration. Taking a big pause works! Our Soul train is traveling into 2018 with many Raise Your Staters who are committed to greater awareness, peace and love. I hope you’ll
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Do you say Yes to your imperfect messy self?

  “Tell them about how you’re never really a whole person if you remain silent, because there’s always that one little piece inside you that wants to be spoken out, and if you keep ignoring it, it gets madder and madder and hotter and hotter, and if you don’t speak it out one day it will just up and punch you in the mouth from the inside.”  ~ Audre Lorde   Have you ever been told you just need to ‘think positive’ and your problems will go away? Or, that to achieve what you want in your life, all you need to do is visualize it and put energy behind it and it will happen? While it is true that when you use your most generous lens
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